Our Software

It's everywhere. However, for every great piece of software, there are a dozen examples of mediocrity. It can be hard to tell which is which. Fortunately, Axion has the experience and connectivity to stay atop of this fast moving market, and we use this software on our servers to offer you a better service. After all, not only do we extensively use software to maintain, monitor, and automate our servers, we also write it.


  • Library of pre-configured CGI's
  • Monitored via Tripwire
  • Spam Assassin spam filtering
  • Communigate web mail access

Web Application Development

A well-designed site is no longer enough to stand out on the Internet. Exceptional sites also need to be integrated with active elements that interact with the site visitors and the server environment. Search engines, dynamic content, databases, eCommerce, and custom CGI's all require familiarity with the server environment that Web Designers would not otherwise need. We will work with you to provide, setup, and maintain these active elements while you focus on the design, content, and navigation elements of your sites. We have a large collection of ready to use scripts that cover most common web applications. We stand ready to help fit these to your needs, or write a custom program for unique applications. Our approach, whenever possible, is to use HTML templates for pages that display dynamic content. This way, you can edit these HTML templates any time you want without requiring any changes to the programs that generate the dynamic content. This leaves you in total control of the look of your sites, without worries about inadvertently breaking the CGI's. In the end, we let you do the stuff you are good at, while we do the stuff we are good at.