Security systems

Symantec said that as of 2005, there are an average of 13.62 security attacks per day on a typical organization's online servers. Our own educated guess is that the number has since doubled. Modern hackers are capable of doing modular attacks to many servers at once all while covering their tracks, which makes detection a challenging task. Security devices such as IDS/IPS, firewalls, and proxy filters can monitor attacks and suspicious behavior at different levels in a network, yet the number of attacks is increasing day by day. It takes an experienced system administrator to stay ahead of these growing attacks.

At Axion, we have many different layers of automated security designed to protect you and your data. The most important of these is a program called OSSEC, which after detecting an intrusion attempt, will block a user from reaching all of our servers at the firewall. We have found that this layer of security alone, configured to our specifications, has done an incredible job at eliminating security threats.

However, we go a step further with active monitoring of our servers' logs for additional human monitoring of suspicious behavior. This keeps us informed of how hackers are evolving and allows us to respond to forthcoming attacks before they become popular. We take a careful, conservative approach to security that has been very successful over the past 10 years.

Whether we are hosting your small, private web site or designing your corporation's large internal network, Axion will keep things secure.


  • Data center guarded 24/7
  • Intrusion Detection System (OSSEC) on all servers
  • Secure Socket Layer support
  • SSH/SFTP support