Software Integration & Development

Yeah, we can make that happen.

For years, Axion has found that our customers enjoy being able to integrate their existing, segregated systems together. The geek in us would say we're experts at middle-ware, but our diverse range of experiences goes much farther than that. With a broad development history stemming into real-estate, telephone company, and job listing web sites, you may have already used one of our products without knowing it.

The unfortunate truth is that we regularly come across software that has been stretched to beyond its planned purpose and, unfortunately, that software may be too important to just retire. Yet, if your software isn't doing exactly what you want, it is costing you money. Axion has the experience necessary not just to develop versatile, new software, but to add functionality to your existing system and automate the processes you find routinely occupying your time. We plan ahead so that your software can grow as your business grows.

Custom Software Development:

  • Custom development of web, desktop, client-server, and mobile applications
  • Design and development of advanced information systems
  • Hardware-software interface and integration
  • Automation and workflow streamlining
  • Porting and re-engineering of existing applications
  • Applications testing
  • Users training
  • Post-implementation maintenance and support

Technical Consulting and Value-Added Solutions:

  • Analysis & Design of the business solution
  • Implementation of the business solution
  • Post-implementation maintenance and support of the solution

Customization of Existing Products:

  • Customizing prepackaged web platforms to support custom requirements
  • Post-implementation maintenance of such customized solutions - long term support.