Annual Fee

10% Discount for most services if you choose to pay annually.

Monthly Fee

For services that are billed monthly, invoices for a given month are sent out on the 1st of the previous month and are due on the 1st of the month for which service is being provided. For example invoices for service from June 1st to June 30th, will be send out on May 1st. Payment would be due on June 1st.

Setup Fee

Since we do not require contracts with minimum service terms, we charge a small setup fee to cover our time for setting up your services.

Disk Space Included

Each of our hosting plans comes with a generous disk quota. Very few of our customer use even 10 % of the disk space included with their plan.

We measure the disk space used by each site including email boxes once per day. At the end of the month, we calculate the average daily disk space usage for the month and bill based on that average daily usage. If a site goes over the quota for their hosting plan, it will be automatically billed for the additional space at the standard additional storage rate for their plan.

Monthly Data Transfer Included

"Monthly Data Transfer" means the total amount of network traffic that a site generates on a monthly basis, including email and mailing list traffic. For example, if a site has a 1 MByte file available, and 10 people download that file during the month, 10 Mbytes of data get added to/ the "Monthly Data Transfer" for that site.

Since the vast majority of most sites traffic comes from their web site (email messages and mailing list traffic contribute, too), the best way to track your "Monthly Data Transfer" is to monitor your site statistics page for the current month. Find the section that looks like this:


Overall Accesses 203,979 2,068,663,711
Home Page Accesses 5,449 75,498,019

The Bytes column of the Overall Accesses row shows the "Total Monthly Transfer"
generated by a web site. In this case, it is 2,068,663,711 bytes, or 2.068 GBytes

At the end of each month, we add up the "Total Monthly Transfer" for each site, and if a site is over the listed quota for their hosting package, they will be automatically charged for the amount over quota at the standard rates for their plan.

Contract Not Required

None of our Virtual Hosting packages requires a contract of any kind. We don't need to lock anyone into a long term contract. We believe our customers will stay with us due to the quality of our services rather than a legal obligation.

All customers must abide by our Acceptable Use Policy. Services for any customer found to be violating this policy may be shut down at any time.

Domain Registration

If needed, we will handle submitting the request for a domain name registration or domain name transfer for one domain per site. If registrations for additional domain names are needed, an additional fee may be charged.
Registrants Rights and Responsibilities information from ICANN

Multiple Domain Names

Each site can have multiple domain names associated with it for no additional charge. We will host as many domain names as you need for your site. There may be an additional setup fee associated with adding and configuring the extra domain names.

All domain names must share the same document tree. In other words, the same web pages will come up, no matter which of your domain names is used.

POP/IMAP Mailboxes & Aliases/Forwarders

Each hosting package above our “Value Plans" includes unlimited email addresses, which you can add and update as needed using any browser.

Email for each address can be stored in a local mailbox or redirected to another email address that exists on another server (an AOL account for instance), this is called a "Forwarder".

Mail stored in a local mailbox will be held for you until you check it with either a POP3 or IMAP mail client (Outlook, Netscape, Eudora, etc).

Other features provided by our email service include a browser interface for checking and sending mail, flexible server side rules for sorting/filtering your mail, RPOP to pull mail from other mailboxes you have so that you only need to check mail in one place, and Real Time Blackhole spam filtering to reduce the amount of junk email you'll receive.


Any email address you create can be used as an autoresponder. When an email message comes into your chosen address, a new message (that you create) will be immediately sent back to the sender of the incoming message. The incoming message can be re-directed to some other mailbox or alias.

As an example, suppose you setup an autoresponder called "". When a potential customer sends an email message to this account, the autoresponeder automatically replies to the potential customer with a preset message that describes your product line. The message your potential customer sent is also copied to your "" address for potential follow-ups.

Mailing Lists

Mailing list (listserv) services are included with some plans. The included lists have a limit of 500 subscribers. Additional subscriber entitlements can be added as needed. All mailing lists include a web based management console.

Web Based, Searchable Mailing List Archives

A web based, searchable mailing list archive makes all of the messages ever sent through your mailing list available in an easy to use and find manner.

Anonymous FTP Server

Our Pro hosting plans include the option to use an anonymous FTP server (in addition to the web server) as a means of allowing anyone to download information from your site.

With our Unix Pro hosting plan, the anonymous FTP server service also includes the ability for anyone to upload information to your site. The information uploaded by others is ONLY available to you, unless and until you decide to make it available to others.

24x7 FTP Access

All of our hosting plans allow you to fully manage and maintain your site using the FTP protocol anytime at all.

24x7 Network Share Access

In addition to FTP access, our Pro hosting plans can also be maintained using a "network share". The directories and files on our server that make up your web site can be "mounted" to your computer so that they appear as an extra hard drive to your machine. You could then add, edit, and delete files on your web site just as you would do any other file on your computer.

24x7 SSH Access (Secure Telnet)

In addition to FTP and network share access, our Unix Pro hosting plan also allows you to manage your site through the SSH (Secure SHell) protocol. SSH allows you to log into our server just like telnet, but unlike telnet, it is very secure. Your username & password are never transferred "in the clear" as happens with telnet.

An SSH capable client program is required to use this feature. We recommend SecureCRT.

Access to Pre-Configured CGI's

All hosting plans include access to our suite of pre-configured CGI scripts. These scripts handle all common web applications: form handling, sending email, counters, guest books, etc. While most scripts are available on both Unix and NT platforms, some are only available on one or the other.

Please see our Pre-configured CGI's pages for a complete list of, and documentation for, the available CGI's.

Personal CGI Folder

Our Pro hostings plans include full access to your own /cgi-bin directory, as well as access to our pre-configured CGI's (see above). You can install and run your own CGI's as needed.

To protect the server and other web sites, CGIwrap is used to limit the possible damage done by misbehaving CGI's.

Add Your Own ASP/JavaScript

Our NT Pro hosting plan includes the ability to install and run your own ASP and Javascript CGI's. Customers can not install their own EXE's, DLL's, or ActiveX objects. Let us know and we may be able to install these for you.

Graphics Site Statistics

All hosting plans include a very detailed, graphical site statistics summary that is updated nightly. Click here for an example.

The generated report can be customized to better meet you needs. Contact us to discuss any changes.

Access to Raw Server Logs

In addition to the nightly statistics summary we give you, you also have direct access to the raw server logs for your site. So, you can analyze your site's traffic any way you like.


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) service can be added to our Pro hosting plans. This allows secure and private transmission of information between your site and your visitors browsers. SSL is most commonly used to protect credit card information for online ordering.

Add SQL Database

An SQL database may be added to our Pro Hosting plans.

On the unix servers, we offer mySQL. All the usual Perl libraries (DBI, DBD, etc) are available, and php4 (Zend) may be available through a special arrangement.

On the NT servers, we offer MS SQL v7.0. Access is typically through an ODBC DSN.

For both hosting environments, a setup fee of $50.00 is charged to start your database service.

Web Based SQL DB Admin package

For the mySQL database, we have a comprehensive, web based management application (phpMyAdmin) available. It allows you to add, drop, create and alter tables within your database. It also allows you to manage the data within your tables.

Additional DSN's

An unlimited number of additional DSN's are available on our NT platforms. These are mostly used for web enabling MS Access databases, but might also be used to connect to SQL databases on other servers.

(Side Note: if you are setting up MS Access databases on your web site, let us help. It is very important to implement the database in a secure manner so that the entire database is not downloadable by anyone on the Internet.)

Credit Card Support

Real-time credit card processing is available using PayFlow Pro" or " on both NT and Linux hosting servers.

If you'd like more information, please contact us.

MIME-Type Control

With our Unix Pro hosting package, you can request your own 'mime.types' file. While we don't set this up by default, it is available if you need it.

Customizable error pages

You can create customized error message pages for your site. This is most commonly used to display a site map or search page when a requested file is not found. This is a lot more useful to your site visitor than seeing "Error 404: File not found".

Real Audio/Video serving

All of our hosting packages can serve Real Audio and Video content through the standard HTTP protocol.

Real Audio/Video streaming

Access to our Real Server G2 streaming server is available. This is necessary for serving live content or automatically optimizing transfer rates for on-demand content.

Please contact us for more information.

Password protected directories

Under our Unix Pro hosting plan, you can create as many password protected directories as you need, and you can create all the usernames, passwords and groups that you need to handle the security needs of your site.

Under our NT Pro hosting plan, password protected directories are available. We will help you setup your site security as needed. For complicated setups, or where many usernames and passwords are required, an additional setup fee may be charged. For some applications, we may suggest the use of a password management tool, such as DAF.