Colocation and Managed Servers

Colocation services are for those that already have or intend to purchase their own web server and require dedicated rackspace, bandwidth, and other controls over the server. Colocation allows your company to take advantage of Axion's many redundancies that most individuals and companies are unable to provide, such as:

  • Redundant electrical sources
  • Redundant bandwidth
  • Controlled environment
  • Secured data center

In a Managed Server environment, the server itself is owned by Axion Technologies, whereas in a colocated environment, you own the server. If you do not own or plan to purchase your own server, or if you do not have your own IT department to manage the server, Axion has many Managed Server options available at very affordable prices.

More About Managed Servers

While our shared virtual hosting works well for most people, our managed servers are for mission-critical applications. Our managed servers give you a dedicated machine in our data center- you share it with no one. The advantages of this are numerous:

  • Absolute highest reliability
  • Absolute highest security
  • Ability to run sophisticated programs that are not supported by virtual hosting
  • Very fast performance
  • Ability to run more comprehensive scripts and applications
  • Axion maintains the servers, you do not need your own IT department

Our virtual hosting packages are very reliable; however, shared systems will always have some limitations imposed by hosting several web sites on the same machine. In a dedicated server, you do not share system resources with anyone, and this allows for unrestricted freedom over what programs you can run. And with Axion managing the server, you can be sure we'll be monitoring the server 24 hours a day.

More About Colocation

We have noticed a rise in popularity for colocation of mission-critical servers. Our customers have found colocation gives them a time and cost savings by storing their server in a large, secure data center. Not only do they reap the benefits of scale by using a large data center, but the highly redundant nature of a large data center keeps their server reliable.

Axion stores its equipment within Atlantech's Network Operations Center, located in Silver Spring, Maryland, one mile from the Washington, DC Beltway (I-495) and one block from the Silver Spring Metro Station.

For more information, see our hardware section.